Learning Groups form yearly in SoL Austria`s symposium where current topics according to the desire of the members are agreed on. Within this annual symposium the work is scheduled for the next year.
Members typically meet in approximately every three to four weeks for about three hours to work and reflect on the chosen topics in order to gain new competencies on the new area.
Joining a study group is possible at any time. Simply contact the respective coordinator.
Current Learning Groups are dedicated to address and discuss specific tasks in theory or practice:

Goal and purpose of this learning group is to develop new concepts of human work and imbedding these concepts into knowledge management systems.

working methods: dialog, presentation, design sketching, reflection

Goal and purpose of this learning group is to experience the connection between culture and organization learning. Through this also new competencies are acquired which can consequently be applied in the respective work areas.

Goal and purpose of this learning group is to explore the theory of "Systems Thinking" and put it into pratice for handling social systems (as based on the approach of "Experiental Learning"). 

working methods: work cycle by Kolb