11. annual symposium of the society for organizational learning Austria with the topic "Next Generation"

on Friday, 21. October 2011, 10.00 to 17.00

Place: High-Performance-Vienna, Neustiftgasse 32-34/13, A-1070 Vienna

Invitation to the 11th annual symposium of SoL Austria


Past Events

10th Annual Symposium "Appreciation empowers. Mindful handling of value, appreciation and power within conflicting poles "

On May 6th 2010 SoL Austria was pleased to invite to its 10th annual symposium at IIID Space/High Performance, Vienna.  

Due to rising performance requirements, constant competition and immediate evaluation of our work a mindful consideration of values is (often) neglected. SoL Austria, therefore, chosed the importance of mindful management of values in organizations as the topic of this year’s symposium.


Based on the triangle of the poles "love-knowledge-order" all participants could experiment creatively with their ideals and moral concepts by creating collages and, thereby, open up individually to new, in-depth value systems.


In „Question Cafés", stories from organizations based on different value systems were exchanged, analyzed and ....



... finally formed the basis for common discoveries and new individual junctions.


International Symposium: "Sustaining Abilities - Stories from the Field"

On October 9th, 2009 SoL Austria held an international symposium entitled "Sustaining Abilities - Stories from the Field" at the University of Vienna to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Over 70 participants enriched our symposium with their latest experiences.

Keynote speaker Dr. Göran Carstedt, Senior Director of the Clinton Climate Initiative talked about how necessary sustainable approaches are and informed about his international projects on fighting climate change.

Several "Learning Tables" created spaces for participants to exchange experiences, challenges and best practices around organizational learning.

SoL Austria once again took the opportunity - after the Global Forum 2005 - to offer such spaces of international exchange, reflection and learning. Participants from France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Norway, Sweden and USA came together in the global SoL spirit.

The 10-Year-Sympsium was thus the most international SoL gathering since the last SoL Global Forum in Oman.

Some impressions from the symposium and replies from our participants ...



… “We are finally home from our trip, brimming with many great memories of our time with you - all the wonderful presentations and dialogue, the heart-warming and So(u)L-energizing connections, the dancing!!! and just being with you all in this most beautiful city of Vienna.” participant from USA

… “It was the most generous and inspirational event.” … participant from Hungary


… “Thank you so much for your hospitality this week. It was wonderful to be able to join in the celebration.” … participant from USA


… “Thank you for the imperial and intimate hospitality of SOL Vienna.” … participant from Israel


… “It was a joy to celebrate Austria SoL’s milestone AND as always it was done elegantly. The conversation, ambience, food and spirit of SoL were exemplary. Heartfelt thanks for inviting me to talk about my work with communities/schools. I am hopeful that we will share more learning opportunities.” … participant from USA

8th annual Symposium of SoL Austria

On November 28th, 2008 the eighth annual Symposium of SoL Austria was held in the “Haus der Forschung” in Vienna. Many representatives of member organizations as well as interested newcomers were participating.

Anita Frank, Michaela Topolnik and Christoph Mandl presented their study on five research institutions and their respective insights entitled "Research-Productivity and Structure"
Another topic of the Symposium was "Investing in Human Potential". After watching an interview with Muhammad Yunus that has been filmed for the 3rd SoL Global Forum there were lively discussions at Learning Tables.
Three Learning Groups decided to continue their work:
- Research-Productivity and Structure
- Knowledge Work