Talks and discussions with international renowned researchers, consultants and experts in applied sciences

Oktober, 8th 2009: Pre-workshop with Göran Carstedt at ERSTE Foundation Vienna on “Leadership for a Desired Sustainable Future”.

In his preworkshop Göran presented newest insights how to create a sustainable future, for enterprises as well as for ourselves. In a pleasing atmosphere we were able to discuss with Göran Carstedt the next necessary steps each one of us can do.

Göran Carstedt is senior director of the Clinton Climate Initiative and chairman of The Natural Step International. He is engaged in the formation of the SoL Global Network.

Dr. Carstedt is also a consultant and coach to various European and US organisations and serves as chairman and board member in several corporations. He is the former head of IKEA Retail Europe and member of the IKEA Group Management Board 1990-1997. He served from 1990-1995 as President of IKEA North America in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

Before joining IKEA, Dr. Carstedt served for many years in different executive positions with Volvo.

Dr. Carstedt received his Ph.D. at the University of Umea in 1974, and an honorary doctorate at Bleking Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona, 2007.

May 7th 2009: Brunch with Ed Schein

On May 7th 2009 SoL Austria and SoL Austria´s learning group "Organisational Culture and Learning" invited Ed Schein, one of the most important representatives of the SoL Community, to an internal exchange of ideas.

Edgar Schein is professor emeritus at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and co-founder of "Reflections - The SoL Journal". His books about organisational culture and leadership are best-sellers and the basis of the work of SoL.