about SoL Austria

SoL Austria is part of Global SoL, a global learning community dedicated to fostering knowledge generation and knowledge diffusion for fundamental institutional change. SoL Austria hosted the 2nd Sol Global Forum in Vienna in 2005.

The purpose of SoL Austria is to create and distribute knowledge on learning and the continuous development of abilities in organizations. We therefore offer spaces and opportunities on various levels:

-SoL Austria serves as a platform and network of organizations in research, the corporative world and consulting, both profit and not-for-profit.

-SoL Austria provides opportunities for the development, implementation and exchange of innovative concepts of organizational learning.

-SoL Austria fosters innovative projects, exchange of ideas and innovative learning methods through workshops, seminars and symposiums both national and international.

Global SoL is united through its purpose, its principles and by shared theories, concepts and practices on learning how to learn and on learning how to share, i.e. on leading, learning, and working together.